Who supports Casa de Amistad?Who supports Casa de Amistad?

Casa de Amistad has developed several strategic partnerships. Solana Beach Presbyterian Church has made available to Casa de Amistad approximately 3,164 square feet of facility space. Facilities are located at the corner of San Rodolfo and Stevens Avenues in Solana Beach. The Magdalena Ecke YMCA in Encinitas is supporting Casa de Amistad through their Community Connections Program, which provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities to Hispanic families served by Casa. The Solana Beach School District partners with Casa de Amistad in both the Summer Enrichment Program and the CBET program. Representatives from local schools and other community organizations serve on Casa's Education Committee which oversees all educational programming at Casa. Representatives from Casa de Amistad actively participate in the Solana Beach Education Coalition.

Casa de Amistad relies on funding from private foundations, community organizations, churches and individuals. Among its supporters are SBPC's Hispanic Ministries, the Parker Foundation, the Rotary Club of Del Mar, the Cush Automotive Charitable Foundation, the Pfizer Foundation and the Kappa Delta Foundation. For a full list of Casa’s Community Partners, click on the Community Partners link under About Us.

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