Our exceptional programs focus on each individual’s learning experience.

Since our academic program began over 20 years ago, teachers in our area schools have noticed improved grades and test scores among Casa’s students, and 100% of the recent graduating classes of Casa high school seniors are participating in post-secondary education. Casa parents stay actively involved through our parent education classes, family activities and volunteer opportunities.

All programs below are held at the Casa facilities on the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (SBPC) campus and at the Christ Presbyterian Church in Carlsbad.

Study Companions Program

Our cornerstone Study Companions Program pairs trained tutors/mentors with underserved children in grades K-12 in North County San Diego. During the weekly sessions at Casa de Amistad in Solana Beach and Carlsbad, we help students accomplish homework assignments, improve their reading & math skills and develop general study skills, equating to 100 hours of tutoring/mentoring per student, per year.

Kindergarten Enrichment Program

Once a week, kindergarten age students attend Casa de Amistad’s Kindergarten Enrichment Program. Taught by experienced early childhood educators in a small-group classroom setting, this program provides a structured academic environment and curriculum using benchmarks to measure kindergarten readiness, an important milestone for success in school.

DREAMS + Tech Initiative

The purpose of the Study Companion’s DREAMS+TECH initiative is to increase the time low-income, underserved students have access to Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math, Science, and Technology activities outside of school hours. STEM-focused enrichment activities are offered to all students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. We are also working to close the digital divide that exists in our community by making technology accessible to all students and parents.

Summer Enrichment Program

A fun, educational environment for students in grades K-6 to foster learning during summer break. Through research projects supplemented by our DREAMS + Tech Initiative and educational field trips to places like the San Diego Zoo, we keep our students learning, growing, and engaged over the summer.

Career Pathways Workshops

Casa de Amistad facilitates Career Pathways Workshops for middle and high school students using the YouScience online career assessment testing service and accompanying curriculum. Career Pathways Workshops are designed to assist students in discovering how they can combine both their personal passions with their professional goals. Staff help students explore and map out their pathways to future careers.

Kinder to College Initiative

This program follows students throughout the entire arc of their school life, using key benchmarks to ensure that they are on track for college and career readiness: * Enter kindergarten ready to succeed. * Reading proficiently by 3rd grade. * Master critical math concepts by 9th grade. * Graduate high school ready for college and career. * Enroll in college or post-secondary program upon graduation. The program includes data-driven teaching strategies, interventions, additional support and measurements at each juncture along the way.

Casa Consortium of College Counselors

Casa’s College Consortium uses a team of volunteers who are professional academic counselors to support juniors and seniors in high school navigate the college application process. Students receive guidance in college entrance exam preparation, finding “best-fit” schools or vocational programs, essay writing, financial aid and scholarships.